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Hello World!

Do you like code? Does incorrect syntax make your eyes melt? Do you like learning new things that you might not have known before? Well I think this blog might be for you!

Who am I?
Currently, a programmer with too much time on his hands. I like to tinker here and there with new tools and APIs but my main focus is mostly iOS apps, custom dev tools (compilers, IDEs, etc), websites, and helping others with their code projects. I play the saxophone, and am an award winning app developer.

Editor of choice?
Xcode/Sublime Text 3

OS of choice?

Programing Languages that I know?
C, Objective-C, C++, Java, Python, Lua, Octave/Matlab

Scripting languages that I know (yes there is a difference)?
Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, Ruby

Language of choice?
C is life. C is love.

Do you read ?

Do you have github?

This blog will be devoted to highlighting interesting computer science topics that I come across along with some tutorials on making your own. I will strive to avoid basics and int…